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We offer services and projects related to road safety to administrations. We create, manufacture and install devices and instruments that measure, detect and analyse road traffic.

At first, battles are won by the fakes because they are too smart. But honesty wins the war because it perseveres in patience and justice.
L. Valentinis

Services? We call them solutions

We offer solutions that cover all phases of the installation’s life and management through a single system with multiple services and real-time support. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.


Feasibility analysis

Our team supports your company in a preliminary analysis of the deployment of the of the installation and provides you with an overview of each service.



We realize in a short time a certified and tested system, in full compliance with all the latest technical and regulatory aspects, including all the activities on site.



We develop and install systems, configure them by making them communicate with the existing IT structure and we test them on the road.



We provide an accurate diagnosis of any reports or problems thanks to a real-time remote monitoring system and ensure timely intervention.

Innovation, the only thing on which we accelerate

We were born in 2000 and, like the new generations, we have always been used to looking ahead. Our VRS-EVO, AGUIA and VSP family of products adopt advanced technologies and are the result of research, development and testing.

Here they are:

  • Average and instant speed enforcement violations
  • Reading free-flow license plates
  • Traffic light violations
  • Scalable and mixed systems
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20 years of experience.
In all the languages of the world.

We provide our customers, in Italy and abroad, turnkey solutions for the traffic control of every vehicle on the road. We design and manufacture internally hardware and software technologies that we constantly test and verify.

Mission possible: safety for all

We are proud to collaborate with municipal authorities in the co-design and development of initiatives and tools for road safety and to limit the number of accidents.

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