More than 20 years in the industry

Velocar is a company that specialises in designing, manufacturing, and installing systems and equipment for road traffic control. Our hardware and software technologies are developed entirely in-house by a highly qualified team of technicians. Our vision is to offer Local Authorities high-performance devices that are the result of constant technological research, with services aimed to simplify the job of local police forces.


We imagine the technology, then we create it!

Right from the beginning there are two things we have never stopped doing: being customer-focused and researching our products. Each enhances the other and says a lot about us and the safety of those who rely on a well-engineered, integrated and monitored turnkey product.

From R&D to assistance

Having a unique integrated supply chain is a plus: we are the single point of contact for a multifunctional assembled, patented, and approved system. This uniqueness makes it possible to easily manage a police force’s daily tasks with significant savings in terms of time and energy. Velocar is with you right from the beginning of the project, throughout manufacturing, through to the processes of testing and calibration, with electrical panels to handle power supply, data transmission and stand-alone systems with solar panel power supply.

Prevention and the common good

In designing our devices, we believe that their purpose is to prevent road traffic accidents and, therefore, save lives. That is why, in collaboration with Local Authorities, we participate in advertising campaigns to spread messages that raise the awareness and consciousness of the public.

Our mission is to create the conditions to change the course of events with preventive measures.



Integrated, tested and certified

Our commitment and our many years of experience have allowed us to obtain certification and reach the highest standards of quality, to offer real guarantees when handling road traffic systems and public works.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 27017:2015

ISO 27018:2014