Brave decisions for over 20 years

Velocar is a company specialized in the design, manufacture and installation of equipment and instruments for road traffic control. Our activity also covers the hardware and software technologies used.

We were born in 2000 with the desire to do things big. Our growth is the result of brave choices: to go hand in hand with technological innovation and the international market, all thanks to the strategic management and specific knowledge of our technical team.

Velocar proudly carries on the concept of Made in Italy and the entrepreneurial will to innovate in an excellent way and with a vision beyond the Italian borders.

This approach has proved to be central with the participation in Intertraffic 2014, the main international event in the field of mobility and transport, which has brought the company to the foreign market with a series of business partnerships worldwide.

We imagine the technology and design it

There are two things we have never stopped doing from the beginning: being customer-focused and researching our products. One brightens the other and says a lot about us and the safety of those who rely on a well-engineered, integrated and monitored turnkey product.

We have come this far thanks to a philosophy perpetually devoted to technology, the experience of hundreds of systems installed and managed, and the ability to react to new market and regulatory requirements.

The efficiency of our systems and of every functionality introduced is ensured both by an internal design process and by a fleet of machines dedicated to testing and trial activities: these are operating systems in various modes (speed, red, average speed, free flow, etc.) on roads with different characteristics, active 24/7 and continuously monitored.

We love to do everything in house

In the same laboratories dedicated to design, we manufacture and test our products internally. Having a single integrated production chain based in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) is a great competitive advantage: being the sole interlocutor in front of every request for an assembled, patented and approved multifunction system.

Velocar is with you from the early stages of the project, passing through production, up to testing and trial processes with electrical panels for power management, data transmission and stand-alone systems powered by photovoltaic panel.

When working becomes collaborating

Our main activity is the design of traffic control tools but also includes the proposal of services and projects related to road safety to local administrations. Here our work expands and becomes collaboration: in this way we act for the collective good by reducing misbehaviour and non-compliance with the highway code.

We believe that our technologies, once implemented, must be properly used and publicized to emphasize the relationship between cause and effect between the choices made by drivers and the lives of others. For this reason, we participate in publicity campaigns that spread messages of public awareness and consciousness, in concert with Public Administrations.

In our own small way, we can change the course of events with preventive measures.


Integrated, tested and certified

It’s always nice when your work is recognized. Our commitment and twenty years of experience have allowed us to obtain certifications and achieve quality standards, real guarantees in the management of road systems and public works.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27017:2015

ISO 27018:2014