A unique package of services

We have developed a comprehensive set of services that covers all phases of the entire system, from the first analysis, to installation and monitoring, to prevent any possible reporting. Relying on us means making sure you have complete, efficient and controlled coverage. Yes, from start to finish.


Feasibility analysis

Our team of experts carries out a preliminary analysis as well as the basis for all subsequent steps. We define the project to be carried out, identify the most suitable system to be designed and solve critical issues and problems already at this stage.


How it happens

We carry out an inspection on the site concerned, check the technical and regulatory feasibility and optimize time and costs with the best technologies for road safety.

We analyse the need to activate campaigns that promote correct behaviour and driving styles, as well as increased awareness and understanding of the risks and consequences of road accidents.


What you get

If all the optimal operating conditions are present, we guarantee the feasibility of a system that not only complies with the regulations in force but, above all, is highly integrated thanks to an internal design and production chain and the experience of hundreds of systems built.


The device that adapts to your needs

Velocar Red&Speed EVO (VRS-EVO) is the family of products for the red light violations and speed enforcement.. It can be used as an analysis and investigation tool, detects the passage of all vehicles and manages reports in real time.

  • Unique device for red light  violations, average and instant speed enforcement
  • Approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Multiple functionalities that can be activated on each lane
  • Lanes with independent functionalities
  • Available with loops or radar technology
  • Control of up to three motorway lanes with a single device
  • Integrated with Velocar Security Portal (VSP) software
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The advanced license plate reading system

AGUIA is a family of extremely advanced products for reading license plates certified in class A 100% according to the new UNI10772:2016 standard. AGUIA embraces the latest generation technologies in a compact and small design.

  • Reading free flow license plates up to three lanes
  • Sharp and brilliant images in all conditions
  • Vehicle classification
  • Vehicle colour recognition
  • Can be used as an analysis, investigation, surveillance or Low Emission Zone system
  • Integrated with Velocar Security Portal (VSP) software
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We develop our products and equipment in-house. We analyse all the needs that emerged in the preliminary phase and consider every technological innovation in an international context with dedicated design, testing and trial activities.


How it happens

We develop the technical documentation for the executive design in compliance with the regulations in force, including a technical design and simulation in 3D CAD. Each new functionality introduced is guaranteed by tests and trials on operating systems with various modes and on roads with different characteristics. We also include the development of Velocar Security Portal (VSP) data center and system management software.


What you get

At this stage, we provide the customer with a system designed to meet new requirements or adaptations of regulatory changes, together with products certified in laboratories accredited and approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.



We take care of the installation, commissioning, configuration and testing of the supplied systems. In this activity we also include specific designs such as building works, carpentry, infrastructure and signage.


How it happens

We manufacture and put the whole system into operation, we configure and calibrate it with the support of accredited measurement laboratories. We carry out construction work (cable ducts, plinth sizing, portals, road infrastructure), plant engineering, signage (also customizable), acceptance tests and the installation of the control infrastructure.


What you get

We ensure that your equipment is installed in a short time, in compliance with regulations, tidy and nice to look at, delivered on a turnkey basis – from the building works to the data centre – and managed in a coordinated manner entirely by us.



Our operational teams provide a detailed diagnosis of any reports or problems and intervene in a timely manner thanks to a remote real-time supervision and monitoring tool that ensures the control of the functionality of all system components.


How it happens

From our 24-hour active control room, we support you by carrying out preventive maintenance – or on notification – and checking the customer’s field systems and data centres. Thanks to real-time monitoring and field systems, we manage road construction sites and quickly replace equipment directly on site. Ordinary maintenance also includes the management of periodic calibration operations (with the support of accredited laboratories) and the issue of the relevant certificates.


What you get

This service includes: a web platform for reporting and status, control of the peripheral installed on the road, the system and infrastructure, a dedicated control room, preventive maintenance and a guarantee of timely intervention.