A unique package of services

We have developed a support system that covers the entire lifecycle of our products, from initial analysis to installation, from monitoring to constant and preventive maintenance.
Trusting in us means you are guaranteed complete and efficient coverage.
We offer turnkey solutions with both purchase and rental formulas.


Planning and production

Having our own team of specialised engineers means we can design innovative, high-performance equipment that aims to guarantee the best solution for the end client. Quality and performance are guaranteed by constant testing and calibration of the working equipment, using various methods and on-roads that have different characteristics. What is more, the solution we provide also includes our Velocar Security Portal (VSP) software, developed in-house and available not only on-premises but also on cloud infrastructures, also with Agency for Digital Italy certification. IT management and research and development come together to create a top-quality product.



We handle full installation of the system, carry out configuration via our control infrastructure and then test the system on the road. Planning, building work and road signs are all included. For those devices that require calibration testing, this is done with the support of accredited measurement laboratories. Installation includes the provision of our fully web based VSP management and control platform.


Support and maintenance

Thanks to our real-time monitoring system we guarantee detailed diagnosis of any issue, to provide rapid intervention either remotely or on-site, to check the correct functioning of all the device’s components. In addition, scheduled maintenance also includes handling of periodic calibration (with the support of accredited laboratories) and the issue of the relevant certification.