Velocar S.r.l. makes every effort to ensure that its business activities always comply with current legislation, while also maintaining the good image and values of the company.

Internal regulations describe the company’s aims in terms of clearly defining roles and responsibilities, in compliance with legal requirements and the rights of its customers. The company is guided by principles of integrity, trust, accountability, transparency, professionalism, and confidentiality.
In keeping with the above, Velocar S.r.l. encourages its Employees and any Third Parties that may become aware of any illicit acts being committed or any unethical behaviour relating to the Company, to report it without fear of discrimination or retaliation.

To this end, the company has adopted and manages an internal disclosure system (My Whistleblowing by My Governance) which meets the requirements of the applicable laws (Legislative Decree 24/2023 in implementation of European Directive 2019/1937), by making it possible for a written report to be made (including anonymously).
Furthermore, it is also possible to request a meeting, in person, with the party responsible for overseeing the report on behalf of the Company.



Reporting on the My Governance platform

A report can be made by accessing the platform, My Whistleblowing by My Governance.
To learn more, see the My Whistleblowing Manual (english version on page 5).

Velocar S.r.l. guarantees that the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data of the individual making any disclosure are protected, also to safeguard them from any form of retaliation, as provided for in the relevant legislation. 
For further information, see the Privacy Protection policy.

See details of the Whistleblowing Procedure adopted by Velocar S.r.l.



Reporting through other channels 

The confidentiality of any disclosure is guaranteed even when made through channels other than those described.
In addition to the above-mentioned channel for internal reporting, there are other means of reporting offences, upon fulfilment of certain conditions expressly stipulated in the legislation:

  • External disclosure, to be sent exclusively to the National Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC). Please see the Authority’s official website (https://www.anticorruzione.it/-/whistleblowing) for details on the way relevant reports are handled, in compliance with current applicable legislation;
  • Public disclosure, that is, via printed or electronic means or, in any case, via means that are capable of reaching a large number of people (including social networks and new channels of communication, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram);
  • Disclosure to the relevant national judicial and accounting authorities of unlawful conduct that has come to their attention in the work context. 




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