Innovation takes shape

If you are looking for reliable, effective and innovative products, you are in the right place. The VRS-EVO and AGUIA families of products are the result of continuous research and development work and the monitoring of hundreds of our systems in Italy and abroad, all certified in full compliance with current regulations. To complete the range of products, Velocar Security Portal (VSP), the software for the management of violations and data and for the monitoring of VRS-EVO and AGUIA systems, together with an APP for the use of police personnel working directly on the road.


The device that adapts to your needs

Velocar Red&Speed EVO (VRS-EVO) is the scalable and definitive answer for the detection of traffic signal and average speed violations. It can be used as an analysis and investigation tool, detects the passage of all vehicles and manages reports in real time.

  • Unique device for red light violations, instant and average speed¬† enforcement
  • Approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Multiple functionalities that can be activated on each lane
  • Completely independently configurable lanes
  • Lanes with independent functionalities
  • Available with coil or radar technology
  • Control of up to three motorway lanes with a single device
  • Integrated with Velocar Security Portal (VSP) software
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The certified license plate reading system

AGUIA is a family of extremely advanced products for reading license plates certified in class A 100% according to the new UNI10772:2016 standard. AGUIA embraces the latest generation technologies in a compact and small design.

  • Reading free flow license plates up to three lanes
  • Sharp and brilliant images in all conditions
  • Vehicle classification
  • Vehicle colour recognition
  • Can be used as an analysis, investigation, surveillance or¬† Low Emission Zone system
  • Integrated with Velocar Security Portal (VSP) software
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Velocar Security Portal (VSP)

Management and supervision in one tool

Velocar Security Portal (VSP) is the central operations centre software for the automatic management of VRS-EVO and AGUIA systems. In a single interface, it offers all the necessary user levels, from system administration to supervision and validation of violations.

Also available the App for the activities of roadside police officers.

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